The email your therapist doesn

April 1, 2011 | admin

Make a detailed list of all your problems in life, A through Z. Don’t hold back and don’t send it to me (or anyone for that matter). This might sound like a big project, but it really isn’t. We all carry our problems around with us and review often, we just don’t write them down – so give it a shot. We tend to think we know our problems, but writing them out will give you a different perspective.

Now, look over your list and jot down next to each one why you have this problem.

I can’t tell you exactly what you will say, but I will tell you what I saw. It turns out that at the very least, one of the problems is your fault (mine too, for my problems that is). And, what is more, if I dealt with my own self-inflicted issues, that would solve all the others!

Life kinda works like this, a very small problem when not dealt with, can create a heap load of other issues down the road. For example, a small leak in your upstairs bathroom, if not dealt with can have your whole downstairs ceiling cave in. Don’t ask how I know.

So even though the number of problems you are not causing maybe much larger than the ones you are, in life, small little problems, when they aren’t addressed create far bigger issues the longer they are ignored.

I know, I hate it when that happens too!


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