The Jewish Marriage & Parenting Family Retreat

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May 22-24, 2009
(memorial day weekend) 

Rabbi Stephen & Rebbetzin Ruth Baars 
Register today to reserve your place.  
OR CALL: 301 215 7123 ext 1
The Pearlstone Retreat & Conference Center (20 minutes from Baltimore)
Adults: $295 per person (double occupancy)
Children: Under 3: $50
Ages 3-12: $95 — Ages 13-17: $175

About the weekend:

"Our deepest need is to be understood."

By understanding the differences between men and women, adults and children, as well as some of the uniqueness to each of us, we will so much more enjoy the people around us. 


Actual quotes from the last retreat: 

Thanks SO MUCH for including us! We were flattered to be amongst such a nice group of people.
We will definitely be at the next one.  
The retreat was amazing and just being in the beautiful energy of so many wonderful people made it more meaningful.
I learned a tremendous amount from this weekend and look forward to applying as much as I possibly can to my life
Where should we even start to express our gratitude for the weekend???  
All the work y’all put into the retreat truly paid off!  
We all left feeling mentally and spiritually fulfilled, while knowing that our kids had a great time….  
We are so honored to have been included in this event.  I can’t think of a stronger way to say it than THANK YOU!!!….
I had a very meaningful time on many levels.
Many thanks to you and Ruth who have done and continue to do much for us.
Many blessings flow through your work to the families that you touch.
In terms of feedback, It was an excellent retreat.
You managed to cover a lot in a short amount of time without it seeming rushed or over-cumbersome. 
Having done a large number of spiritual retreats, I have found that the gain (in good retreats such as this one was) is always on many levels. The teachings you provided come from a depth of wisdom, but are translated for us in a way that makes them understandable and practical ); Also, the spiritual energy that is transferred at a subtle level (which is where I have found that a more powerful level of transformation occurs), was very powerful over this weekend.
I feel so inspired and empowered by all the "necessary life information" that you and Ruth give over.  
It’s such a great "high" when we leave.  Keeping the feeling is the hard part.
All your information has opened us up to so many more mature, necessary, emotional and intimate conversations.  Thank you for all you do.  Hashem should continue to infuse both of you with the clarity to give over all this information that people like xxx and I may never have figured out in a lifetime. 
Our entire family enjoyed the retreat immensely. 
The food was very good, and so was the kids program and adult workshops. 
It was a beautiful weekend.
We both walked away glad we made the choice to attend.  
We very much enjoyed the lectures and the camaraderie with old and new friends. 
We thought your girls did an outstanding job with the babysitting.  We were also able to relate and connect to a lot of the material that was given.  And we felt it was a bracha that we were able to be there, experience the shabbaton and have the opportunity to grow.
Thanks to you and your wife for all of your wisdom and insight. 
xxxx and I had a very meaningful time at the retreat…..  
we walked away with some real valuable insights into our marriage and how to be better parents.  
My awareness of certain behaviors from my wife, children and myself have all been heightened by your use of engaging story telling and humor.

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