The Parenting Road Map

June 17, 2009 | admin


Or, print the one below.  If any step is not clear, please email me:  


Step 1: In column 1 below, there are 3 virtues: A) married, B) responsible, C) President of the USA.

Of these 3, choose one you wish for your child.  Then cross out the others.

It’s important when asking the question to think of it as all or nothing.  If you choose “married” then they will be irresponsible with no chance of being the President.  If you choose “responsible” then they will be single and again, not the President.  If you choose “President” then they will be single and irresponsible.  Obviously, we want all for our children, this is just a tool to focus on what is the most important.

Finish the ABC’s through column 1, and continue with columns 2 and 3.

Each set of 3’s are independent of any other answer — you can’t say, since I have “happy” in one section, I don’t need “well rounded” in another.  Or, I have “rich” in one section, I don’t need “President” in another.  I.e. with each set of 3, imagine these are the only choices you have.

Step 2:  Ask your spouse to do the same exercise, then compare and discuss.  Through this means, you will both explore and examine what is important and where you would like to see your child.

Want some real fun — ask your child to fill it in.

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