The Truth about 100%

January 31, 2013 | admin

Marriage and parenting.

A little reality check might be in order here. When we say 100% what do we really mean? 

We mean that a parent can’t imagine there is anything more in them to give. In truth, and on some alternate time-space continuum, there maybe more he/she can really give. But that is irrelevant, because when you are in 100% mode your mind closes down.

And this is very important to understand, a person giving 100% has the same temperament as a Grizzly Bear mom defending her cub. 

Let me explain, you can’t get to 100% unless you have true deep ultimate conviction that this is it. It’s a belief thing. 

Therefore, by definition, anyone opposing you must be 100% wrong.

It’s only people who are putting in 99% who can be “open-minded.” That’s because they don’t really care, or they don’t really believe. But when Steve Jobs got religion, nothing got in his way.

I tell you this because now you can understand your spouse, who might happen to be a parent too, which is why he/she bears an awful resemblance to a Grizzly.

So while you are trying to convince your spouse how closed minded they are, which they may very well be, it’s important to appreciate that Grizzly Bear dad’s aren’t known for they warm and contemplative demeanor. In other words, a parent and spouse by definition is a fanatic.

Welcome to the club.


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