The Ultimate Recharge-Your-Batteries Mission

December 4, 2006 | admin
Real Mens' Mission

This mission will leave you thrilled, rejuvenated, and excited about living

April 22-30, 2013

ONLY 17 more spots available!

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An offer no-one can refuse: There’s a small group of people who have taken this trip. They were so blown-away, they committed to underwrite future missions. They understood that the only reason more people haven’t gone is because there is nothing they have ever done that is anything like it.

You can’t imagine how phenomenal this mission will be without trying it.

Once you take this trip, your life will forever be transformed. So convinced are they that they are offering you this trip for free!

No commitments, no obligations. Just enjoy the journey.

All you are responsible for is getting there (the flight).

Reserve now! Click here.
(And if you need help with the flight, we will be there for you.)

Remember, only 17 spots available.

Tentative Itinerary

Sunday, April 21 (depart)

Mission: The Journey Begins

Ninety percent of successful living is simply showing up, and you have now shown up for what will be one of the biggest lifestyle upgrades of your existence.

What you are about to experience is no less than a gathering of some of the greatest minds in the world today. Few people ever get to meet with and learn from so many diverse and insightful people.

Come see what happens when you spend a day talking to, learning from and questioning the cream of the crop of the Jewish world.

Monday, April 22

Mission: Boot Camp

Your guides today are charged with one goal: Get you in shape, mentally.

From astrophysics to the dynamics of love and politics. One piece of advice: Be prepared. Have your questions down, your mind open and lots of paper. The things you will hear today will put you on a high that beats drugs.

Tuesday, April 23

Mission: Meet the Next World

What does it mean to be spiritual? How do you function, practically, and yet find God in everyday life? Step-by-step concepts, ideas and applications to make your daily life rich, fun and meaningful.

Wednesday, April 24

Mission: Make My Day

After today, nothing will ever get you down and no one will ever ruin your day. Self-help on steroids.

Everything you ever wanted to “be all you can be”. How do you find yourself? How do you know what your greatness is? What are the steps, and are we all destined for greatness? Understand your potential and what life can offer.

Thursday, April 25

Mission: The Big Picture

What is man? What is our role? What is the meaning of this land? What does the future hold? This rollercoaster day is filled with phenomenal concepts that will make you rethink everything!

Friday, April 26

Mission: Surprise

Chill and see the world of Jerusalem. This is an experience unparalleled outside of Jerusalem.

Shabbat, Saturday, April 27

Mission:: Earth Meets Heaven

Jerusalem comes alive on Friday night. Meet, learn, hear, eat, sing and maybe dance a little. You’ve never tried Shabbat until you’ve tried it here.

Sunday, April 28

Mission: Discovery

The World-Famous Seminar.

Monday April 29

Mission: Wisdom for America

This day is about functioning in the world so your days and relationships are effective and fulfilling. How can I be a better parent, spouse, friend?

How do I make more money, or be more successful in all that I do?

Practical life balance.

Tuesday, April 30

Mission: Thrill – Mission Accomplished

This is what you are going to say:

“How do I keep the thrill?”

Meet Your Scholars

Rabbi Motty Berger

Rabbi Motty

Philosopher Extraordinaire

Rabbi Spiro

Rabbi Ken

World Famous Historian

Rabbi Pliskin

Rabbi Zelig

Noted Author and Self-Help Authority

Rabbi Friedman

Rabbi Gavriel

Enthralling Master Educator

Rabbi Schroeder

Dr. Gerald

The Astrophysicist

Rabbi Coopersmith

Rabbi Eric


Rabbi Glaser

Rabbi Yom Tov

The Spiritualist

Rabbi Zeldman

Rabbi Moshe

The Thought Leader of Thinking

Rabbi Geller

Rabbi Avi

Our Oracle of the Bible

Get your game on in this 10-day experience of a lifetime.

Come see the Israel you never saw.

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