The Worst Parenting Advice, ever!

November 17, 2010 | admin

It’s hard to look at our 10 year old and connect them with the countless teenagers living on the streets or even in our prisons. But it’s the mothers of these prison kids who are advising us all, “You won’t see it coming.”

The mistake parents make is they think their child will be available for them to dialogue the moment anything even slightly disturbing shows up. But too many parents will tell you, if you wait till then you are too late.

“You’ll never see it coming.”

If your child is under 12 you have the option to deal with a crisis when it appears, after that, you don’t. The kind of crisis a teenager delivers is of a vastly different category to the scrapped knee or latest gimmee.

When it comes to a teenager, you had better understand now because if you try to figure it out then, you are going to give the second worst piece of parenting advice I ever heard:

“I wish I had learned this when my kids were young.”

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