Week 1, Day 1

March 5, 2008 | admin

Week 1 Theme:

Key Life Lessons

Day 1 Point:

Enjoy The Challenge

What is perfect parenting?

It’s not instilling obedience.

We get caught up in the parenting struggle. Carpools, meals, bed times, sibling squabbles, etc. – and we think that a good parent should be able to avoid or solve these crises easily.

In reality, this is just glorified sheep-herding. Parenting is not the process of getting your children to do what you want.

There is an old saying, “Life happens on the way to doing something else.” The truth is, parenting happens when your children misbehave.

Put another way, if parenting were not a struggle, it would not feel like parenting. It sounds like it might be nice, for a short time, but ultimately….


The joy of parenting comes through the challenge.

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