Week 1, Day 3

March 5, 2008 | admin

Week 1 Theme:

Key Life Lessons

Day 3 Point:

The Parent Trap

We all feel good after a cranky baby is soothed to sleep with a small smile on his or her face, either because they needed changing, a bottle, nursing, or just to be held. This leads, inevitably, to what I call “The parent trap.”

We feel good solving our children’s problems and they get used to it.  Pretty soon you become the fix-it-all person, and it slowly turns from a simple dirty diaper to increasingly complicated messes and mistakes.

Action Point:

After around 4-6 years of age, when your child comes to you with a problem say these words: “It’s not my job to solve your problems, it’s my job to help YOU solve your problems. How do you think you can solve this?”

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