Week 1, Day 7

March 5, 2008 | admin

Week 1 Theme:

Key Life Lessons

Day 7 Point:


Just as we all crave success, we also fear failure. This makes for a strong emotional incentive to deny failure. The more you can look at, and learn from your failures, the less likely you are to repeat them.

Never be afraid to fail in front of your children. Instead, use your shortcomings as opportunities to show them that failing isn’t the problem, giving up is.

As much as we don’t want our children to fail, failure in life is inevitable.  Therefore, using their failures and your failures to teach them this idea will turn failure into monumental success.


“Giving up is the final solution to a temporary problem.” Quote from an anonymous Holocaust survivor.

Action Point:

Read the attached speech to your family and ask them what it teaches about failure:

Week 1, Day 7 Speech 

Commencement Address by Steve Jobs at Stanford University on June 12, 2005

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