Week 2, Day 4

March 5, 2008 | admin

Week 2 Theme:

What Parenting Is

Day 4 Point:

Be Effective

Balance is the key.

If the house were on fire, your child’s messy room wouldn’t bother you. By keeping in mind the most important issues, the little ones won’t annoy you as much and you can achieve balance.

Realize that children hear every criticism equally. In other words, if you tell your child five times in one day “Don’t complain; life is good” it will have a tremendous impact. But if you add another five times “Your room is a mess; go clean it up” you will have diminished the value of your first point 50 percent.

Action Point:

Stay on message, and if your spouse can stay on the same message with your child you will get triple mileage.

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