Week 3, Day 1

March 5, 2008 | admin

Week 3 Theme:


Day 1 Point:


As strange as it may seem, not all praise is good.

When you praise your child while they are still doing the good deed, it makes it harder for them to do it since they feel controlled.  Children need space to be good.

For sure praise after the act, but also it’s incredibly meaningful to bring up your praises later, over dinner when it can be shared with the family, or bed times.  When you point out later to your children something they did good, you get a lot more mileage out of it.  

Not only have you strengthened your child’s resolve to do good but you have pointed out to them that you care. These moments are extremely rich.

The general rule is, wait till they finish, praise them and mention it again later.

Action Point:

Keep a note book of praises. 

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