Week 3, Day 5

March 5, 2008 | admin

Week 3 Theme:


Day 5 Point:


Love is not just an act, it’s an attitude and environment.

Your home must have an atmosphere of love for any single act of love to take root and blossom.

In that vein, you should never talk badly about others even if your children are not around. This should be a rule of the home and it will create a most positive home atmosphere.  

Many business people will not hire someone who, while working for a competitor, gave away vital information. If the person cheated his previous employer, he will cheat me too. Your children need to feel safe and free from embarrassment; if they know that in your home others are spoken of badly, they will suspect that maybe what they do will get passed around too.

Action Point:

Have a family meeting and discuss things that will not happen in the home. Include gossip.

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