What’s In It For Me?

January 20, 2008 | admin

What’s In It For Me?


I remember visiting the stately home of Henry VIII. He was therichest man in the world in his time, but he had neither air conditioning nor indoor plumbing, no Tylenol nor a heated Shiatsu massaging chair.

We are all richer than the richest people ofthe world 75 years ago. What we take for granted today, kings and queens of Europe could not have envisioned.

In fact, everyone reading this article is well within the top 10 percent of the richest people walking around the planet today. That means 90 percent of the world’s population think that if they had our money, they would have nothing to complain about.

So why don’t we feel that rich?

If you and I were born deaf and it cost $10 billion for an artificial ear, we would ogle and drool at the thought of being rich enough to afford such a thing. Could a private jet compare to hearing music or a bird’s song in the morning?

So why don’t we appreciate the ears we have? Why do we look at the people who have limos and private jets as having so much more than us?

Imagine the whole world goes blind, and the richest person in the world could afford an eye. Wow. The first person in the world to see again. This rich fellow happens to be visiting and, while you have his attention, you ask him to read a letter you just found written by your great grandmother many years ago. To your surprise, he responds that he doesn’t do charity!

Is it possible that a person who can see, is really appreciating his gift of vision if he were keeping that gift all to himself?

The more we share what we have, the more we value what we get.

If you have benefited from the lessons and concepts of Aish HaTorah, you will enjoy them even more if you share that feeling.

Please take a moment to give a little so we can give a lot, to so many others. Click on the cup of coffee, thank you!

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