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January 13, 2009 | admin

telephone.jpg“Raising Children for Success”

I have yet to meet the parent who wants their child to fail.
In marriage, business, sports, in fact just about everything we do, we start with the hope and maybe expectation of winning. However, in all these endevours it becomes clear, usually sooner than later, who knows what they are really doing. In parenting, by the time you find out, it’s well into overtime.


“Raising Children for Success" is focused on giving your children what they need to succeed. Immediately after the first course you will start to realize how helpful and practical these ideas are.
The course has a money-back guarantee – if you don’t hear ideas that help you improve your parenting, it’s real simple to get your money back.

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The consistent line every parent says when they encountered major problems with their children: "I didn’t see it coming." Don’t be one of them. Sign up now.

"Stephen and Ruth draw from a well of deep spiritual wisdom."

 Marc Inzelstein





Here’s How it Works:

1) Register for the tele-course below

2) We will send you a toll-free number and simple access code

3) Call in on the day/time of the course and you will be learning live – listen, ask your questions, learn.

4) If you can’t make the call on any particular day, that’s okay because it will be recorded, and you can listen anytime that’s convenient for you.

5) The recording will be available for one week, so listen to the course again to review the ideas.

6) Have a specific topic you want covered? Email us and we will try and fit it in.


What Parents Like Most about the “Raising Children for Success” tele-course:

Convenience. Parents are busy. It’s the common parenting dilemma: “If I could take off eight hours to learn about parenting, I wouldn’t have as many issues as I do.” 

If you can’t make the class, Listen anytime you want, as often as you want for a week.

Listen from your home, office or even car, or whenever and wherever you want.

The program really gets to the nitty-gritty of what children need to succeed. This is not pie-in-the sky, this is real life examples and practical advice that you are going to find easy to implement.



At any point, if you are not completely satisfied, or the program doesn’t live up to expectations, just let us know and get a total refund for the whole course – no questions asked!rabbibaars.jpg



Rabbi Stephen Baars
Rebbetzin Ruth Baars

Starts Tuesday, May 4, 2010
NOON till — 1:00 pm (EST)
Runs for 8 sessions 
$72 per person
— ONLY if you sign up before April 18 —
AFTER that $200 per person



What are the magic potions and soothing words that will give our children the strength to conquer their own battles and go on to live exciting and fulfilling lives?

At "Raising Children for Success" we show you a side of parenting most parents never thought of before. Apart from offering solutions and techniques we emphasize peace of mind and understanding the parent’s role and process.


Short list of the themes in "Raising Children for Success":
  • Dream Big 
  • The 5 Rules of "picking your battles"
  • Why Worry?
  • The keys to Not Losing an Argument
  • Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Stealing and Lying (did we leave anything out?)
  • The "Common Front" Dynamics
  • Anger Management
  • Ages & Stages
  • Why children say: "You hate me"
  • The secret to Self-Confidence
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    A Parent is faced with an inordinate amount of choices and decisions.  How many times do we look back and wish we could do it all again. 
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    How do we do the best for our children?  You might have a thermometer that tells your child’s temperature, but you don’t have a similar meter to tell if they are happy and well adjusted. 
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    Very few parents think they are letting their children down, so how do we know if we are, or not? 
    The basic theme of the program is how to raise happy and self-confident children.

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    After years of research delving into the Jewish concepts of parenting, you now have the opportunity to experience parenting in a way that makes dramatic sense. 
    "Raising Children for Success" will show you how simple and easy techniques make all the difference in the world.
    "Raising Children for Success" uses an interactive format to demonstrate how key skills can easily be used to sustain healthy, respectful, loving relationships; improve communication and create a more satisfying, nurturing family.

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