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January 13, 2009 | admin

“Raising Children for Success”

Everyone raises their children in the hopes of success. So how do we know we have it right above the vast majority of wishful thinking parents?

"If you go to one of their seminars looking to see how you can grow as a parent, you will."

Marc Inzelstein, Co-founder, Indiggo Associates


 laura goldsmith.jpg

"I feel strengthened knowing

what is essential in child-raising.

Thank you again for a spectacular

learning experience."



Knowing what you want for your childrendoesn’t guarantee they will get there, anymore than knowing how muchmoney you would like, or what kind of house you would like to live in.


"Raising Children for Success" will show you what it takes in simple and applicable steps.  

The seminar covers the issues parentsare concerned with today. The course is practical, insightful, and withthe tele-course, incredibly convenient.


"They teach in interesting and informative ways, and they really care."

Marc Inzelstein

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